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ISOLA Creative Village with Indonesian Creative Institute (Foundation)

Education is important
Education is enlightenment
Education is sustainable developmen

Hi, I am Ade from Indonesia. I am concern on developing young generation’s creativity. 

Since junior high school, unconsciously I have conducted several entrepreneur activities that involve me as a project leader in creating jersey of football team and scout uniform. In college, my vision as a social entrepreneur is developed by knowing the fact of the high numbers of poverty and unemployment in Indonesia. In my opinion being social entrepreneur is one of solutions to solve social problems in our society and to develop economical sector of Indonesia.

I believe that young people are part of solutions and reflection of a country in the future. Ironically, the fact taken from most of the national and international media or some surveys shows us that there is some critical degradation in youth independence. Especially, Indonesia will experience The Demographic Dividend until 2035. Indonesia should take an advantage of this situation, encourage young people to be more creative and innovative. In case young people did not encouraged and motivated, then the great numbers of them in The Demographic Dividend will be useless or something backfire for Indonesia

As young people, we have to be concerned about others because 50% of the global citizens are those under 27 years of age. In Indonesia especially has "demographic dividend" it means that the proportion of young people or people on their productive age is bigger compare to the numbers of non-productive age people for about from 245 million. Indonesia is considered as top 3 countries with big youth population  with 70 millions youth. Moreover, young people play a strategic role in shaping the world in the future. I believe that young people have high power and creativity if they are being able to be expressed and directed in line with their passion.

ICI, Indonesian Creative Institute that I found is intended to develop Indonesian young generations. ICI focuses on a creative learning, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Creative values are always found in every aspect of our programs and activities. ICI has already provided education not only available for young people at school and the university but also it is available for those who live under the bridge, rural areas, traditional markets, or even on the street. ICI have a vision is to develop their global competences and local understanding.
Education in our programs are integrated, long-life learning with three pillars; developing character, creativity, and knowledge. It is in line with the UNESCO concept of learning to know, learning to do, and learning to live together. Nowadays ICI has 43 volunteers and 685 online supporters to achieve ICI’s vision and confer creative training for 3500 youth from 64 training in several provinces in Indonesia.
Finally, My team and I found "Isola Creative Village" a social entrepreneurship based on community. I am trying to integrate a creative community and my English community in order to help poor young people in rural areas. We serve inclusive education which rich people take a course will over pay to help poor people.  "Isola Creative Village" roles :

1.Open education access for poor people about the international language, creative skills and entrepreneurship education. 
2. Encourage community development with local wisdom value. It means that the community learn to love local culture, love environment and finally create several creative products for social enterprise activities.

I believe that my team and I have worked hard and we always feel satisfy when there is a positive change among the young people that we have already given some training.

My team and i share our idea & vision how "Be Leaders in Global Market with Local Creative Product" and create "Local Actions for Global Solutions" 

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Best Regards
Ade Suyitno, the founder of Indonesian Creative Institute
Bandung English Village & Bandung Creative Workshop
1. http://www.indonesiancreativeinstitute.org/
2. http://www.wisdomnesiaenglish.com/
3. http://bandungcreativeshop.blogspot.com/

Ade Suyitno, the founder of Indonesian Creative Institute #saungpemimpin
& Bandung English Village  Wisdomnesia English, has joined several international events and conferences in Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, and Russia. Those experiences give him adaptability skill in multi-cultural and international atmospheres.

He believes that the sustainable development of young generation through global competence begins with creativity development, leadership development, and english education. Along with his
Bandung English Village & International Creative Village, he wants to create betterment for Indonesian Youths in Global Challenge (AEC 2015 & AFTA).

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Saung Pemimpin Kreatif di Indonesian Creative Institute & Foundation

Saung Pemimpin Kreatif di Indonesian Creative Institute